BMW Direct Ignition Coil - Genuine BMW E9X M3

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Genuine replacement direct ignition coil

Your BMW's direct ignition coil provides the power in order for your spark plug to "spark". If your BMW is suffering from a misfire issue it is likely due to a worn ignition coil or bad spark plug. One way to test for a bad ignition coil is to swap the ignition coils and see if the misfire follows the misfire.

Note: The ignition coils used in the S65 engine are far from standard ignition coils. In order for the S65 engine to make maximum power at close to 8400 RPM's continuous ignition monitoring is required more than what traditional acoustic knock sensors can provide. The S65 engine uses an ionic current monitoring system derived from the S85 V10 which actively and continuously monitors combustion quality. Unlike the S85 engine which uses an inline control unit for each cylinder bank, the simplified system utilized on the S65 engine has incorporated the system in the individual ignition coils themselves. During ignition cycles, the measurement current is stored in a capacitor integrated in the ignition coil itself, and after ignition, is available at the spark plug electrode. In the S65, the ion current measurement and evaluation is also performed exclusively by the MSS60 DME.