BMW Oil Change Kit 10W-60 - Genuine BMW 11427837997KT

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Complete engine oil change kit for your E9X M3 featuring M Twin Power Turo engine oil and OEM Mahle oil filter

Engine oil in any vehicle is a critical lifeline. This is especially true in the case of the BMW S65 V8. Regular servicing not only maintains current levels of performance but also helps reduce wear. BMW stipulates that the oil should be changed every 15,000 miles. We and other enthusiasts do not agree with this philosophy. Instead, we recommend oil changes every 5,000 miles to prevent sludge buildup and to ensure that the engine has fresh oil.

This oil change kit features and OEM Mahle filter kit with filter element, 2 drain plug crush washers, and filter housing gaskets along with 9 quarts of BMW recommended M Twin Power Turbo oil. Changing oil yourself on your E9X M3 will save you money over the dealer or specialist shops.