Racing Dynamics Cold Air Intake BMW F8X M2 | M3 | M4 S55 2014+

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Cold Air Intake for BMW M3 F80, M4 F82 2014 on & M2 Competition 2018 on with S55 engine.


  • Dual inverted filters for increased air flow and increased performance at higher speeds. Racing Dynamics inverted cone air filters have increased surface area by their design and provide for more intake air over standard air filters.
  • Racing Dynamics have taken extra effort to search for the best pipe bending technology. Racing Dynamics pipes have been manufactured without cutting and welding of sections thereby providing a continuous smooth pipe interior. This extra work provides the best laminar flow of intake air. Pipes are made out of heavy duty 6061 aluminum with a black powder coated finish. Dual aluminum intake tubes come complete with precision machined MAF sensor mounts aircraft quality TIG welded on each of the intake pipe.
  • Improves performance of approximately 10 HP and improves throttle response
  • Intake system enhances the sound of your turbocharged engine
  • Comes complete with a connector hose and hose clamps for an easy installation
  • Racing Dynamics retain use of the OEM intake ducting and the bottom half of the OEM filter box as a non heat conductive heat shield


  • BMW F87 M2 Competition S55 2018+
  • BMW F80 M3 S55 2014+
  • BMW F82 | F83 M4 S55 2014+